05 March 2018
COCIN churches in Du open to social righteousness

The Jos volunteer team is being invited to visit COCIN churches in the southern part of the city following an advocacy visit to the Regional Church Council in Du.

Already thee pastors have contacted the volunteer team leader to arrange Sunday morning visits to their churches - for the team to share the call to live according to gospel standards of social righteousness, as well as counselling and testing for HIV/AIDS.

“We had not been invited to visit COCIN churches in this southern area of Jos before,” said Tassie Ghata. “We were very pleased to speak with so many pastors and are sure more churches will be calling us to arrange visits.”

Tassie, Pofi Josiah, Dawuleng Jacob and Alfred Mshelizah visited the Regional Church Council offices on 27 February. They met 55 pastors from 35 COCIN churches in Du. Tassie explained what Grace & Light does and how we partner with local churches.

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