Inspiring leaders to change Nigerian society

Leaders from churches, businesses, charities and government across Nigeria are joining Grace & Light for our third annual National Conference of Social Righteousness.

Each year delegate numbers increase as leaders hear about the transformation in the lives and impact of those who have attended our previous conferences. They come together to share how to bring positive change into Nigerian society.

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HIV is no longer talked about

Volunteers continue to find rising HIV infections and college students who are in denial about the reality of HIV and AIDS in their communities.

During July 6.2 per cent of people our volunteers tested in churches turned out to be HIV positive. In June 11 per cent tested positive. Before that volunteers rarely came across people testing positive.

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Children need emotional and moral support

Volunteers hear the same story over and over again - young Nigerians are being left to sort out their lives without input from parents.

In each secondary school they visit, volunteers hear the same story. It is almost always girls and occasionally boys. They have been raped in their own homes by uncles, family friends, relatives, both men and women. They never tell their parents.

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