Borno volunteers begin ministry

Our 40 new Borno volunteers have returned to Damaturu, Potiskum and Biu and begun ministering to local church congregations in the war-ravaged state.

The new volunteer teams in Damaturu and Potiskum have been able to arrange three church visits during February despite the uncertainty caused by February’s presidential elections and insurgency in Borno.

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Attitudes to gender violence changing

Local communities in Du are changing their attitudes to gender-based violence as Christians model biblical principles of how to treat women and girls.

Over 300 people in 16 churches have completed Grace & Light’s Transforming Masculinities programme, helping them see gender equality from the perspective of scripture and to change their own behaviours so they respect themselves and others.

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Villagers able to test for HIV/AIDS for the first time

Over 1,000 people came to be tested for infectious diseases, many for the first time, when Grace & Light visited a remote village.

Locals from many nearby villages converged on Chugwi - near the town of Vom and about 30km south west of Jos – when they heard Grace & Light and its mission partner were visiting the village to share the gospel and test for hepatitis, malaria and HIV/AIDS.

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Drunkenness! Abortion! Cheating! Confronting complacency

Volunteer teams confront complacency in church congregations with powerful messages about how God calls us to live and witness in our communities.

A gentleman at one church stands out for Tassie. After the service he came up to her and was clearly drunk – both by his behaviour and his smelly breath.

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Few school visits during election unrest

Presidential elections in February prevented volunteer teams visiting secondary schools across Nigeria.

Volunteer teams have visited just one secondary school during January and February due to the presidential elections.

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