Planning for future growth

New five-year strategic plan gives Grace & Light certainty for ministry and finances in Nigeria.

Our Jos headquarters team and Nigerian board of trustees have developed their strategic plan for the next five years, 2018 to 2022, with support from UK leadership consultant Kate Register.

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Tackling sexual and gender violence in communities

Church leaders in Du, a southern district of Jos, have greater understanding of the sexual and gender violence their congregations are facing or have experienced.

Forty church leaders from a range of congregations in Du participated a the Tearfund sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV) workshop delivered by Jos volunteers and staff on 27 April.

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Trauma counselling training for secondary school teachers

Teachers in Nigerian secondary schools are better able to counsel and support students suffering from trauma following a World Renew training day delivered by Jos volunteers and staff.

Twenty-four teachers from 12 schools in Jos and Mangu participated in the day-long training. These are all schools that the Jos team have visited at least once as part of our schools’ ministry; most have hosted multiple visits to share the gospel with pupils and test for HIV/ AIDS.

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AGM shines light on our Nigerian activities

Reflections on what Grace & Light achieved during 2017 at our Annual General Meeting highlighted the challenges of reaching complacent congregations.

Forty-one people joined Grace & Light staff, Nigerian trustees and board members in Jos for an update on achievements and finances at the AGM on 24 March.

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Church leaders awaken to gender issues

Church leaders in Gombe have greater understanding of Grace & Light’s work following a members’ workshop in March.

Thirty-one pastors, deacons and action committee members participated in the day-long workshop, during which they discussed HIV, social righteousness and gender issues from the perspective of the gospel.

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Support and encouragement for volunteers

Volunteer teams in Lafia and Gombe are more motivated to visit churches and feel encouraged and supported following a visit from headquarters.

International coordinator Tassie Ghata and programme officer Pofi Josiah spent a day with the Lafia team in February and then Pofi visited the Gombe team in March.

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Church visits in March & April

Hearing a clear explanation of how the gospel applies to their lives changes people. Our visits are the catalyst that cause people to turn from sin to righteousness.

Three examples from church visits during March and April illustrate this clearly for international coordinator Tassie Ghata.

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Schools ministry in March & April

Ours schools ministry is facing a fundamental challenge for which we would appreciate your prayers.

We ask for your prayers for our schools’ ministry in Nigeria over the coming months as the leadership team make decisions about how to take the work forward.

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Walking for traumatised Christians in Borno State

Please do join us for our 2018 countryside walk to raise funds for new ministry in Borno State.

Hundreds of thousands of people have been displaced in Borno over the last eight years of conflict between the military and Boko Haram. Many have died or fled into the bush; churches, homes and businesses are destroyed.

This year, with your support, Grace & Light will be recruiting new volunteers to work with churches in Borno State.

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