Christians suffering in clashes with Fulani herder militia

Coordinated attacks on Christian farming communities around Jos since mid-June, hundreds are dead, with the area remaining tense.

Violence against farming communities across the middle belt of Nigeria, including around Jos, has escalated following a call by Fulani cattle herders for West African Muslims to join their jihad and regain land they claim to have lost back in the 1800’s.

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Christ becomes real for congregations

Church members are understanding more clearly what Christian lifestyle is meant to be like and receiving Christ for real when our volunteer teams visit their congregations.

The Jos, Yola, Mangu, Jalingo and Gombe volunteer teams visited 21 churches during May and June, sharing the gospel with 4,363 people. Of these, 1,355 chose to be tested for HIV/AIDS and 1,270 joined life sharing groups where they will support each other to live lives of social righteousness.

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Insurgency stops visits to schools

Volunteers are visiting fewer secondary schools because of intensified unrest in areas immediately around Jos.

Many school visits have been cancelled in recent months because of unrest between Fulani herders and villagers in the areas surrounding Jos. Schools are closing and pupils being sent home until local danger passes.

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Young people join Jos volunteers

Twenty younger volunteers have joined the Jos team, enabling Grace & Light to expand its schools’ ministry as they are available during week days.

They are fresh out of school or university themselves and able to empathise with the challenges facing secondary school students in Nigeria.

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Many more secondary schools open their doors to Grace & Light

Principals from private and government secondary schools across southern Jos are inviting Grace & Light volunteers into their schools following a seminar explaining our school’s ministry.

More than 60 principals representing virtually all the secondary schools in Jos South attended the seminar on 31 May at the local government education directorate offices.

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Successful fundraising walk over the South Downs

Thank you to the 14 people who joined our 2018 fundraising walk centred on Arundel and to those who sponsored us.

On Saturday, 2 June we met by the war memorial in Arundel, then walked up the steep main street past Arundel Castle and Arundel Cathedral and through Arundel Park on to the South Downs.

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