Stretching targets for 2020

Grace & Light has set itself stretching targets for our work in Nigeria during 2020.

We want to increase our work and impact in churches and schools across Nigeria, with our volunteer teams energised to visit more regularly, sharing the gospel of social righteousness and testing people for HIV/AIDS.

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Church visits during 2019

Nigerians are open to living Christ-centred lives once they hear Grace & Light’s message of social righteousness.

During 2019 our 12 active volunteer teams visited 128 churches, sharing the gospel of social righteousness with 28,427 people and testing 9,046 for HIV/AIDS.

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School visits during 2019

During 2019 the Jalingo, Yola and Jos teams visited 21 secondary schools, sharing the gospel with 5,975 students and testing 3,280 (55%).

Of these, 886 (12%) rededicated their lives to Christ and 520 (10%) made a first commitment. Six students tested positive for HIV.

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HCT Testing during 2019

Ministry in prisons and work places increases during 2019.

As well as visiting churches and schools, the Jos volunteer team shared the gospel and tested people in their work places and prisons; while staff in Jos and Yola also tested individuals who visited their offices.

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North Eastern teams strengthened following training

The Hong, Jalingo and Yola teams have additional members following training for new volunteers in Yola in December.

Tellingly, at the end of the training 15 of the 17 participants rededicated themselves to Christ and committed to living according to gospel values.

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World Aids Day testing

Yola and Jos teams support World Aids Day to remind Nigerians that HIV/AIDS is still a real threat to congregations, communities and individuals.

World Aids Day, on 1 December, is a chance to remind Nigerians that HIV/AIDS is still virulent and if they don’t take precautions, changing their lifestyles, they too could become infected.

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