13 July 2017
Church Visits March - June

Congregations are embracing our call to lives of social righteousness and changing behaviours including in business.

Many of the churches our volunteer teams have visited in recent months are inviting Grace & Light back for a second or third time. Team members are encouraged by the changes they see and hear about in peoples’ lives.

Our message of living lives that honour God and each other is resonating with these Christians. Tassie Ghata, international coordinator and Jos volunteer team member, tells of two women she met at different churches.

“Prices are very high in Nigeria at the moment, including in markets where these women worked to support their families. Like the other traders they were selling at inflated prices, corn for cooking, a staple of Nigerian life.

“Now they sell at a price that is not exorbitant and the gain they make is sufficient to care for their families but not excessive. They said they are treating their customers more respectfully and being honest because they are Christians and the sermons they heard on our last visits.

“They want to be distinctive out in the marketplace so people can see they are followers of Christ in all areas of their lives, both personal and business.”

Three teams – Jos, Yola and Bauchi – were active during March to June. Between them they visited 38 churches and shared the gospel and social righteousness with 11,356 people. Of these, 872 rededicated themselves to God and 99 made a first commitment.

During these visits 2,928 people were tested for HIV and 2,132 (73%) chose to join life sharing groups and be open about their status. Twenty-five people tested positive (.85%).

Please pray for our other volunteer teams who, for a variety of reasons, have not been able to organise church visits so far this year. Ask God to enable team leaders to encourage their members and also build relationships with local church leaders so they are invited in to Sunday services to share the gospel and offer testing and counselling to congregations.

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