14 March 2017
Regional church councils support our work

Leaders of four regional church councils are encouraging their local congregations to invite Grace & Light volunteer teams to Sunday services for counselling and testing.

Churches in four areas will now be more open to approaches from their local Grace & Light volunteer teams following a visit from international coordinator Tassie Ghata.

At the beginning of February Tassie visited the leaders of Mangu Regional Church Council, Gyel Regional Church Council, Mangu Hale Regional Church Council and ECWA Divisional Church Council in Bukuru.

She spent a couple of hours with the leaders of each council in their offices, including the chair and secretary, explaining Grace & Light’s social righteousness ethos, the way we work with local churches and asking for their support.

“They have promised to send the message out that we are an organisation they are happy to work with. It means we will receive more invites from their local congregations and when our volunteer teams approach churches the doors will be opened to us, we will be invited in,” said Tassie.

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