19 August 2015
Grace & Light: your new bookshop?

The Grace & Light office has been transformed into a bookshop with the arrival of a second container of new and second-hand books from Bookaid.

Staff and volunteers have been sorting through boxes of books selecting the most easily saleable and displaying them in the office.

The arrival of the container had been delayed by paper work in the port of Lagos, but the books finally arrived in Jos by lorry and stored in an empty container at our HQ site. Once some books had been extracted we put out the word that quality books at great prices could be had at Grace & Light. A steady stream of customers has resulted in sales of about 1million naira (£3,200).

Once the rainy season has finished we will begin taking books to sell in churches and colleges, as we can display the books on sheets outside. This method proved very effective when we had the first container load three years ago. The current tight security situation may restrict travelling however.


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