23 March 2020
Encouraging volunteer team leaders

Volunteer team leaders have stronger relationships with each other and with staff members following our first team leaders’ meeting.

Leaders are feeling re-energised and encouraged that they are partnering with God to bring his righteousness into their communities and are making a real difference in people’s lives.

During the workshop leaders were able to share the issues they face visiting churches and secondary schools, discuss ideas for resolving these issues and how they can support each other during 2020.

Each leader committed to continuing in their role, encouraging their team members, organising at least monthly visits to local churches, and asking for support when they need it from other leaders and Jos headquarters staff.

Biu’s leader took home bibles for each of their team members in recognition of the team’s faithfulness in visiting 13 churches during 2019, as well as meeting monthly to support each other and send in their monthly reports promptly.

Leaders from eleven of our 12 volunteer teams travelled to Jos for the overnight event on 10-11 January.

Please pray for

  • Each of the leaders and their teams, that they will remain motivated and committed to visiting churches and schools throughout 2020
  • Leaders to stay connected with each other, continuing to support and reach out to each other.
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