03 December 2019
Jalingo volunteers remain enthusiastic

All members of the Jalingo volunteer team have recommitted themselves to Grace & Light for another two years.

In early October international coordinator Tassie Ghata, Yola office manager Tony Sudan and admin officer Solomon Ibrahim spent three days with the 12 members of the Jalingo volunteer team.

Their first day together began with a whole team review of 2019, talking through successes, issues and challenges, understanding their strengths and then asking what they should work on improving.

“We are encouraged,” said international coordinator Tassie Ghata. “This team is just two years old and still very committed. They keep going week in, week out visiting churches and schools to share the gospel and test for HIV/ AIDS. All of them were ready to recommit themselves for another two years.”

Tassie added that the team has an inspirational leader in Hero Girgir and good support from the Yola team.

One of the challenges for the team is that they now have only one person confident to share the gospel in churches and schools. Of the 16 original volunteers, four were equipped for public speaking, but three have subsequently moved away from the town.

The second day, team members along with Tassie, Tony and Solomon, made advocacy visits to The Right Reverend Joshua Jen, LCCN Bishop in North Eastern Taraba, Godlove Ngiryir, lead pastor of Mambilla Baptist Convention, and leaders of the United Methodist church of Nigeria (UMCN).

Bishop Jen, Lutheran Church of Christ Nigeria, committed to writing to all churches in his diocese giving them permission to invite the Jalingo team into Sunday services. Pastor Ngiryir agreed to invite team members to present at one of the regular Baptist leaders’ meeting where church pastors come together.

At UMCN national headquarters the Grace & Light team met the administration manager as the President, Dr Samuel Uche, was in America at the time. He will recommended Grace & Light to the leadership team when they returned to Nigeria.

Please pray for more team members able and willing to share the gospel during visits to schools and churches; and for new members to replace those who have moved away.

Also pray for our ministry into churches in the LCCN, UMCN and Baptist denominations in Taraba State.

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