29 January 2020Church visits during 2019

Nigerians are open to living Christ-centred lives once they hear Grace & Light’s message of social righteousness.

During 2019 our 12 active volunteer teams visited 128 churches, sharing the gospel of social righteousness with 28,427 people and testing 9,046 for HIV/AIDS.

Of those who tested, 8,517 chose to join a life sharing group and be open with their results. Thirty-one people tested positive, 4,784 rededicated their lives to Christ and 1,024 made a first commitment.

The Jos volunteer team (46 churches visited) and Yola team (31 visits) were most active, followed by Biu (13 visits), Potiskum (6 visits), Mangu (6) and Jalingo (5).

Our teams were more active in 2019 compared to 2018 when nine teams visited 114 churches, sharing the gospel with 23,831 people and testing 7,382. Then 34 people were positive and 6,803 joined life sharing groups in their church.

“Church members are amazed we talk about things they consider old time religion. They think social righteousness is strange,” said international coordinator Tassie Ghata.

“Corruption is so high in Nigeria that it has become normal. People do whatever they can to survive Monday to Saturday, and then on Sunday are good girls and boys.

“We are surprised they listen to our social righteousness message and are willing to change and live as Christ calls us to. Many do rededicate themselves at each church we visit.”

Please pray for our volunteer teams who all have day jobs and give their free time to serving their local communities with Grace & Light:

  • Time and energy to arrange visits to churches
  • God’s love for the people they counsel and test during each visit
  • Churches able to provide the support life sharing groups need to care for their members and continue over the longer term
  • Churches able to encourage their members who make first commitments and rededicate their lives to Christ.

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