26 May 2019Widows encouraged to stand up to abuse

Widows living in the rural Mangun area are encouraged to care for themselves and their children and to support each other with the cultural challenges they face.

International coordinator Tassie Ghata led a workshop for 362 widows in the area, which is 80km south of Jos, in early May. She shared Grace & Light’s message of social righteousness and encouraged the widows to support themselves and their families through work, both employment and entrepreneurship.

During the day they also looked at the societal challenges of being a widow in Nigeria. “They were able to share their own experiences. Many talked about how their husbands’ families took everything when he died including sons, so they and their daughters were left with little to live on.

“Sexual and gender-based violence is a particular issue for them, as without a man to protect them, they and their daughters are vulnerable. We encouraged them to stand together and not to keep quiet when they are abused, instead to ask for help from their pastors and congregations.”

This workshop is one of the outputs from Tassie’s advocacy visit to COCIN’s Mangun Regional Church Council pastors’ meeting in April.











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