Insurgency comes close to Jos headquarters

You may have spotted recent news stories of violence in and around Jos. In late September fighting came close to Grace & Light’s headquarters. Killings started just two kilometres away on Rukuba Road – the same road our gatehouse opens onto.

Staff were unable to leave the office for part of Friday, 25 September, and then once they were able to leave, had long detours on the drive home. An added challenge was that they needed to reach home before the 6pm to 6am curfew. This changed to 10pm to 6am from 5 October as tensions calmed down.

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Leaders changing ingrained corruption

Church leaders, politicians, civil servants and university lecturers from across Nigeria came together for Grace & Light’s second annual leadership conference on social righteousness.

Fifty-one civil and religious leaders attended our three-day conference in Jos in mid-September; over half had also attended our first leadership conference in 2017.

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Church visits continue during rainy season

Church visits are becoming less about HIV/AIDS testing and more about social righteousness in Nigeria.

Our volunteer teams are finding church members really wanting to change things in their lives that they did not see as sin before. Now they recognise these things are not what God wants and they are willing to change to honour him.

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Schools work quadruples thanks to you

Celebrate with us our successful schools’ ministry - we’ve quadrupled visits over the last year and witnessed many changing hearts and lives.

Back in 2017 Grace & Light set itself the target of reaching 4,500 secondary students in 30 schools, visiting each school three to five times a year to give students ongoing support.

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Yola team becomes more strategic

Yola staff and volunteers are now using a strategic business planning tool to focus on critical activities and evaluate what they do.

They have greater understanding of their strengths and areas they should develop, and practical ways of monitoring activities in churches and schools.

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Churches confirm their commitment to life sharing

Church leaders recommitted to supporting their members in life sharing groups during our most recent workshop for members.

One hundred and seven people running Grace & Light life sharing groups in almost 30 churches joined us for a day of sharing, discussion and encouragement in mid-August.

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