08 May 2018
Trauma counselling training for secondary school teachers

Teachers in Nigerian secondary schools are better able to counsel and support students suffering from trauma following a World Renew training day delivered by Jos volunteers and staff.

Twenty-four teachers from 12 schools in Jos and Mangu participated in the day-long training. These are all schools that the Jos team have visited at least once as part of our schools’ ministry; most have hosted multiple visits to share the gospel with pupils and test for HIV/ AIDS.

During the training workshop the teachers heard presentations and explored, through group work, how to identify and support children who are suffering from traumatic experiences in their lives.

In small groups they shared the problems they face in their own schools, then presented their findings to the wider group. Through this activity they discovered that much of what they experience they share in common.

They also heard, from scripture, about what God’s expectations of them are as carers of his children who are made in his image – faithfulness, grace, compassion, love.

Further, the teachers were encouraged to remember back to their own school days and the teachers who stand out for them. They reflected on these teachers' good qualities and the difference they made in children’s lives.

“This is what really spoke to them, remembering the positive influences on their lives and realising they can do the same for the children under their care,” said international coordinator Tassie Ghata.

Earlier this year Chris and John Breuker of World Renew delivered train the trainer trauma healing for 15 Jos volunteers and staff.

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