Core Values

  1. The Gospel: complete, understood, applied, transforming by its grace, power, light, truth, and love.
  2. Life Sharing: new creation life, shared with Christ and with each other in him.
  3. Church centred: our work is integrated into churches, since the Church alone brings the life of God’s eternal kingdom into our fallen world.
  4. Team work: the only way to get the work done as different members of the one body of Christ.
  5. Stewardship: making the best use of people, time, money and material resources which we will account for to God their owner.
  6. Integrity: in all our operations adhering to biblical standards and not those of society.
  7. Commitment: working from the heart for the Lord and not for self.
  8. Kingdom of God: in and through the Church, we seek to demonstrate God’s kingdom to the world.
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