08 May 2018
Church visits in March & April

Hearing a clear explanation of how the gospel applies to their lives changes people. Our visits to churches, during which we share the gospel, are the catalyst that cause people to turn from sin to righteousness.

Three examples from church visits during March and April illustrate this clearly for international coordinator Tassie Ghata.

In one church Jennifer, a student, said that she believed those in her home were bewitched. Things kept going wrong. She herself already knew she was HIV+, was struggling to cope with this knowledge and with concentrating in class.

She said the sermon she heard that Sunday really helped. Tassie had spoken about giving our lives to Christ and allowing him to order our steps so that we no longer live for ourselves.

In another church Vausti shared her difficulties finding a husband. She had been sleeping with her boyfriends in the hope they would then marry her, but without success. After hearing Tassie’s sermon about living for Christ and seeking righteousness in our lives, Vausti said that she had decided she was no longer going to give herself to men and instead wanted to give herself to Christ.

A man in a third church confessed that he saw women as devils and could see no reason to marry. From listening to Tassie’s sermon he came to understand that women and men are both made in God’s image and that we attain personal righteousness through Christ rather than through sexual abstinence. He gave his life to Christ and is now open to marrying a wife who also centres her life on Christ.

“These three people stand out for me because once they understood what righteous living in Christ is all about they turned their lives around,” said Tassie. “When people hear the gospel message clearly explained they respond.”

During March and April volunteer teams visited 33 churches, sharing the gospel with 7,009 people. Of these, 2,248 chose to be tested for HIV/ AIDS and 22 were positive.

Ninety-four per cent of those tested chose to join life sharing groups in their churches; 1,115 rededicated their lives to Christ and 245 made a first commitment.

Nine volunteer teams were active during March and April – Hong, Inye, Lafia, Michika, Mangu, Bauchi, Gombe, Yola and Jos.

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