05 March 2018
Schools' ministry transforms from ad hoc to structured programme

Grace & Light is moving its ministry in secondary schools from ad hoc activities to a structured programme. This is possible following the successful fundraising walk in Dorking last June.

The Jos and Yola volunteer teams are increasing the number of schools they visit each month during 2018. Already they have visited nine schools in the first two months of the year.

“Sadly, we are still testing students who prove to be HIV positive and we continue to hear testimonies from young people who are being molested and abused by big men, often known to their families, or in some cases their fathers. Others are neglected by their parents who tell them to go find their school fees themselves.”

The Jos and Yola volunteer teams visited 11 secondary schools between December and February this year. They shared the gospel with 2,326 students and tested 1,231. Seven students tested positive for HIV.

Three hundred and fifty-two students rededicated their lives to Christ and another 131 made first commitments.

PLease pray for the secondary students we speak with, especially those who are HIV positive; and also that more schools would open their doors to Grace & Light, inviting our teams in to speak with, counsel and test their students.

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