05 March 2018
Volunteers and staff improve trauma healing skills

Americans Chris and John Breuker have spent a week with Grace & Light, delivering training in trauma healing, mentoring staff members and observing during visits to churches.

Chris and John were in Jos for six weeks helping local Christians support traumatised people in identifying and bringing their pain to God, for the charity World Renew.

Their training builds capabilities in helping individuals release their pain, develop the ability to forgive and be reconciled with those who inflicted the pain. This frees people to care for themselves and to serve others.

“We meet lots of hurting and traumatised people in churches for many different reasons,” explained Tassie Ghata.

“This training, which happened while I was in the United Kingdom, is equipping our staff and volunteers to empathise and better help these people.”

Fifteen staff and Jos volunteer team members participated in the training programme.

According to Nigeria’s National Emergency Management Agency, 325,000 displaced people are living in refugee camps in Plateau State; most have fled the insurgency in the North East. There are multiple camps around Jos, two are in the city itself.

You can read more of World Renew’s trauma healing work in Nigeria at https://worldrenew.net/what-we-do/projects/post-conflict-trauma-healing-nigeria

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