25 November 2017
Prisoners embrace social righteousness

Male and female prisoners convert and rededicate their lives during Grace & Light’s first visit to a Nigerian prison.

Just over 250 prisoners crowded into the Pankshin Prison’s chapel to hear international coordinator Tassie Ghata share the gospel message of social righteousness.

She shared the story of the Prodigal Son and how all of us can be forgiven no matter what we have done, provided we repent and turn back to God.

“One prisoner, a Christian said he had been framed and that he had vowed never to forgive. When he had done his time, he was planning on taking revenge on the person who had framed him.

“On hearing our words, he decided to forgive the person and vowed instead to live for Christ when he is released.”

The Mangu and Jos volunteer teams were invited into Pankshin, a local government prison in Plateau State, by the governor to provide HIV/ AIDS counselling and testing to all prisoners who wished to know their status.

“We spoke about resisting drugs and homosexuality [the majority of prisoners are men], shared God’s love for them and his grace, called them to repentance and to changing their lifestyles and mindsets.”

Sixty-five prisoners gave their lives to Christ for the first time during the visit, another 67 rededicated their lives to God and 175 chose to be tested. Just three were HIV positive and are now receiving medication.

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