25 November 2017
School visits resume as students return to classes

Volunteers have recommenced schools’ ministry as students returned to their classes in October.

International coordinator Tassie Ghata is delighted that a third volunteer team is now equipped to minister in schools. Mangu team members shadowned the more experienced Jos team when they joined together for a visit to Kogan High School in Mangu during November.

Tassie said “With three teams trained in our schools’ ministry we will now be able to visit many more schools each month and meet our 2018 target.”

Our schools’ ministry target is to visit 30 schools in 2018 with each being visited once a term. This averages out at nine school visits each month excluding holiday times.

Highlight of the most recent visits for Tassie was seeing students are open to changing their lives when they hear our social righteousness message.

“Many of these students were already imitating the adults in their lives and moving into corruption. They see so many lies, people with HIV and corruption that they consider these normal. We are able to present an alternative lifestyle for the students to choose instead.”

The Jos, Mangu and Yola teams visited two schools during October and November, sharing the gospel and social righteousness with 416 students and testing 243. Of these, 52 rededicated their lives to Christ and 48 made first commitments.

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