11 October 2017
ERCC opens doors to Grace & Light in Nasarawa

Volunteers in Nasarawa State are looking forward to sharing the gospel in many more ERCC churches now Grace & Light has support from the ERCC leadership team.

Tassie Ghata, Dawuleng Jacob and Pofi Josiah visited the new leadership team for Evangelical Reformed Church of Christ in Nasarawa in late August, spending a couple of hours introducing Grace & Light, explaining how we partner with denominations and how our volunteer teams work with local congregations.

The leaders agreed to renew ERCC’s partnership with Grace & Light in Nasarawa State and have subsequently written letters to all their local church leaderships in the state encouraging them to invite Grace & Light teams to share the gospel of social righteousness and test for HIV/ AIDS.

“Now we have the active support of these leaders more ERCC churches in Nasarawa will be open to Grace & Light and our call to live lives that honour God,” said Tassie.

Subsequently seven leaders, including the president and general secretary, came to the leaders’ conference in Jos in September.

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