18 November 2016
Thorough Testing

Grace & Light’s rigorous HIV testing helps many Nigerians know their status, both positive and negative.

Mary, a married woman with children, came forward for testing during one church visit and received a negative result. She took Tassie aside to say ‘no I’m positive’. Tassie tested her in three different ways that all confirmed she was in fact HIV negative.

“We sent her along, with one of our volunteers for company, to the local hospital where she had initially be tested and told she was positive. The hospital retested and confirmed she does not have HIV. I’m happy Grace & Light was there to help her,” said Tassie.

Mary was also delighted. She had been suffering from the side effects of the strong retroviral drugs she was on, and also stigma from her extended family and in-laws.

Four teams – Jos, Hong, Yola and Bauchi - were active during July to September. Between them they visited 27 churches and shared the gospel with 12,000 people. Of these 1,119 rededicated themselves to God and 151 made a first commitment.

Two thousand five hundred people were tested for HIV within the churches and 2,300 chose to join life sharing groups and be open about their status. Another 400 people were tested in schools and workplaces during the three months.

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