12 March 2015
Achievements to be proud of

2014 was a year of achievement for Grace & Light. We tested 8,520 people in 113 churches across Nigeria of whom 89% chose to be open with their HIV status and join life-sharing groups.

Just one per cent of people we tested were HIV positive, 1,235 rededicated their lives to God and 375 made a first commitment to God. These are achievements we are proud of.

Most active teams were in Gombe, Yola and Jos. Between them these teams visited 72 of the churches. Ten of the teams visited just one church each during the year; some because they are in the area where Boko Haram is active. Others because they need the encouragement of someone with volunteer experience.

This pattern of activity reflects church visits in earlier years and highlights the need for a ministry officer to support teams located some way from the Jos and Yola offices.

During 2015 we will be fundraising for a new ministry officer role. If you or your congregation feel able to support this work financially, and in prayer, click here for details.

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