08 August 2014
Workshop for church leaders in Gombe

Leaders of the churches Grace & Light works with in Gombe state joined the Gombe volunteer team and international coordinator Tassie Ghata for a pastors’ workshop during July.

The state is in eastern Nigeria close to the Boko Haram area; churches live with the fear of insurgency, violence and ethnic unrest.

Pastors, church leaders and action committee members from 21 churches participated in the full day workshop – in total 53 people came from these churches.

Topics included Grace & Light’s ministry, the spread of HIV in Nigeria and its impact on Christians and church life, prevention, openness, how to care for members and the responsibilities of church leaders.

“It was good to bring different congregations together to talk about how to tackle HIV and social righteousness in their communities,” said Tassie Ghata. “They were willing to talk openly with each other and to cooperate with each other and with Grace & Light. Our volunteers are making a difference in Gombe.”

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