02 May 2014
Prayer request

Prayer for escalating violence in Nigeria

Violence is escalating in Nigeria as Boko Haram explodes car bombs in the capital Abuja and abducts schoolgirls sitting an exam in the north.

International coordinator Tassie Ghata asks for prayer for the people of Nigeria during this time.

A second car bomb exploded in Abuja around 8pm on 1 May killing 19 people. Just two weeks earlier a bus bomb in the same area killed 71. Scores of people were injured.

On the same day as the bus bomb, militants kidnapped 234 girls from their school in the north as they prepared to sit exams. Fifty-three girls are believed to have escaped; the remainder have vanished.

“The girls are nowhere to be seen,” said Tassie. “Rumour says they have been married to Boko Haram militants and will be used as sex slaves. Their parents, relatives and friends are devastated.”

BBC News reports 1,500 people killed in Nigeria since the start of 2014.

BBC report on the 14 April bus bombing

BBC report on 1 May car bombing

The Guardian reports on abducted schoolgirls

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