17 December 2013
Church Visits

Church visits during November

During November Grace & Light volunteers visited ten churches in Nigeria, sharing the gospel with almost 2,000 people and testing 1,581 of whom just one per cent were HIV/AIDS positive.

Of these 260 (16%) chose to become Christians and 558 (35%) rededicated their lives to Jesus Christ. Ninety-three per cent chose to become Grace & Light members and joined life-sharing groups including the ten who tested positive for HIV/AIDS.

Highlight for international coordinator Tassie Ghata was the visit to COCIN Bwarak, a church with three services and over 1,000 members. Trish Chatfield, Malou and Gareth Bolton of the charity AMEN, were visiting Grace & Light at the time and joined Jos volunteers and Tassie on the visit.


Tassie said, “We were very pleased that half the congregation came along to the Sunday service we spoke at. All 543 people who came chose to be tested; there were so many people we returned on the Monday to test everyone.

“We are now receiving invitations from other churches in the  area to also come and share the gospel then test in their congregations.”

Churches visited were Eyn LCC Yolde Pate, LCC Bogare, United Baptist Church Yolde Pate, COCIN Kombun 1, COCIN Kombun 2, COCIN Kombun 10, COCIN Buru, COCIN Wushik, COCIN Tidiuw and COCIN Bwarak.



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