09 February 2013
Church visits in January

Church visits during January 2013

February 2013

Volunteer teams visited seven Nigerian churches in January, testing over 500 people. More than two thirds chose to join live sharing groups and just three were HIV+. As well, many people accepted Christ for the first time or rededicated their lives.

In one church, in Babale, the leadership was not comfortable with Grace & Light’s stand on openness, believing instead that people should keep their status confidential.

However, Tassie Ghata in preaching helped the congregation understand how the grace of God removes stigma and shame; how openness bring HIV into the light of Christ so that those infected can be supported; and how the love of the Spirit makes all the difference.

At the end the pastor stood up and said that if the Bible says we need to be open then we need to be open. In this one church 13 people committed their lives to Christ and another 48 rededicated their lives. Plus 92 per cent choose to be open about their status.

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