06 July 2013
Landscaping and cash crops

Landscaping and cash crops

July 2013

Within a few years our Jos headquarters site will be full of the sound of bird song and the perfume of citrus trees; for now the trees are saplings waving in the rainy season breezes.

Thirty fruit trees were planted in one June day by the headquarters team. They include oranges, mangoes, guavas, avocados, pears and papaya trees and within a year will be providing a cash crop to help fund Grace & Light’s work in Africa.

Ten mahogany trees were also planted in a line to act as a wind break as they grow. In about 20 years time they will be mature enough to sell for their wood.

“We also planted flowering shrubs for colour and to make our site attractive” said international coordinator Tassie Ghata. “The whole team got involved, with support from a professional gardener.”

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