25 April 2024
People Are Changing Their Lives

Church congregations continue to embrace voluntary savings and accountability groups that help them live lives honouring God.

Seventeen voluntary savings and accountability groups (VSAG) were established in seven churches during the first three months of 2024; they continue to flourish with committed members who meet together each week.

“This means people are changing their lives,” says international coordinator Tassie Ghata. “They are sharing their working, personal and sexual lives with each other, and holding each other accountable for what they say and do.

“They are also saving money to make their lives better. They are no longer in debt, instead their lives are more comfortable and less stressful.”

VSAGs are the new way of doing life sharing accountability for Grace & Light members who choose to share their HIV results after testing in local churches.

Each group has 25 to 30 members, all of the same sex and similar life situation, who meet each week to encourage each other in their Christian lives. The final quarter hour of each meeting is given to their savings club.

They are able to buy up to five shares; all the shares have the same value that is agreed by the group, so they have financial equality. Group members can then borrow up to three times the value of their shares and pay interest to the group.

Interest is paid back within three months or it doubles – so others can borrow. After 12 months members receive the value of their shares plus interest earned. Then their savings club starts again from scratch.

Each savings club is run by three members who act as the treasurers. When the group meets they record deposits and borrowing in a ledger and individual passbooks then put the money in the group safe, usually in their church, or in a local bank account.

Prayer Requests

Please pray for:

  • VSAG members continue to share their burdens and pray for each other
  • Wise use of the money members of each group invest
  • Group treasurers will be faithful and honest in recording monies.
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