25 April 2024
Support Strengthens Volunteer Teams

Grace & Light’s 23 volunteer teams are increasingly feeling valued and cared for as they minister in local churches.

This is as a result of our renewed focus on meeting with each of them at least once a year to check how they are doing.

Monitoring officer Alfred Mshelizah spends a couple of hours with each group talking through their objectives, what they are doing well, areas where they could improve, answering their questions and sharing best practices from other groups.

“The teams are always excited we are in touch with them and that we are interested in what they are doing,” said international coordinator Tassie Ghata. “They can raise issues they are facing and hear about new ways of working.

“They feel valued and cared for and have renewed commitment to regularly visit local congregations and share our message of social righteousness.”

Alfred also aims to visit each voluntary savings and accountability group (VSAG) at least one each year to ensure they are following best practices in managing their finances and also supporting each other. He spends a couple of hours with each group during one of their meetings, observing what they are doing.

Prayer Requests

Please pray for:

  • Wisdom and good health for Alfred Mshelizah as he meets with and supports volunteer teams and VSAG groups.
  • Volunteer teams feel supported and encouraged and continue to organise visits to Sunday services each month.
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