25 April 2024
Stigmatisation Still an Issue

Stigma attached to HIV status is still an issue in Nigerian churches in both rural and urban areas.

In one particular church the Jos volunteer team visited in recent months seven people had been hiding their status from family and friends because they were afraid of being judged and rejected.

Following Grace & Light’s message that HIV/AIDS is not a punishment from God though a consequence of turning away from Him, they recommitted their lives and found love and support within their congregation.

“We shared that following Christ is not just being born again, it is becoming a new person, dropping old mindsets and behaviours, serving God and each other better,” explained international coordinator Tassie Ghata.

“The congregation understood this included all of them, not just the seven. They shared no longer lying gave them peace. The church leaders have raised an action committee who are taking care of the seven who are already on medication.”

Eight volunteer teams were active during January to March, visiting 26 churches in total, sharing the gospel of righteousness with 7,594 people and testing 752 for HIV/AIDS. Of those who tested, seven were positive.

The majority (96.5%) chose to be open about their status and join life sharing or voluntary savings and accountability groups. Significant numbers rededicated their lives to Christ (1,369 people) or made a first commitment (64 people).

The active teams during January to March were Abuja, Hong, Jalingo, Jos, Lafia, Obudu, Yola and Zing.

Prayer Requests

Please pray for:

  • Seven people who have opened up about their HIV status, that they will continue to be accepted and supported by family, friends and their congregation
  • Action committees that support life sharing groups and voluntary savings and accountability groups in churches
  • More churches to open their doors to ministry by Grace & Light volunteer teams during Sunday services.
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