29 February 2024
Financial Desperation as Economy Implodes in Nigeria

The economic meltdown in Nigeria is having a huge impact on people and intensifying ordinary moments of temptation as parents struggle to feed their families.

Again and again our volunteer groups are hearing cries of desperation from husbands who can’t find work and wives who want to leave husbands who are not earning enough to support their families. Family breakups are causing children to turn to crime to survive.

“We are hearing so many confessions from people trying to cut corners to survive financially,” says international coordinator Tassie Ghata. “So many confessions during our church visits.

“Wives and children turning to prostitution, people stealing from their workplaces, turning to witchcraft and fetish traditional religions. They want to live right and are asking God to give them grace to say no to things that are wrong.

‘We are challenging churches to support destitute people within their congregations and local communities, to see this as part of their ministry and calling in Jesus Christ.”

During 2023 ten Grace & Light volunteer teams were active, visiting 93 churches in total, sharing the gospel of righteousness with 27,116 people and testing 2,661 for HIV/AIDS. Of those who tested, 15 were positive.

The majority (96%) chose to be open about their status and join life sharing or voluntary savings and accountability groups. Significant numbers rededicated their lives to Christ (4,392 people) or made a first commitment (475 people).

The active teams during 2023 were Abuja, Gombe, Hong, Jalingo, Jos, Lafia, Mangu, Michika, Obudu and Yola.

Prayer Requests

Please pray for:

  • Families facing destitution, that parents will find work and be able to provide for their children
  • People to continue to depend on God to meet their financial and spiritual needs, to open their hearts to him and ask for his help
  • Church leaders to reach out to support destitute people in their congregations and local communities.
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