29 February 2024
Students Making Real Change Happen

Secondary school students are determined to change Nigerian society from one focused on small acts of corruption to one focused on social righteousness.

After hearing Grace & Light volunteer teams share the gospel of social righteousness the are thinking positively about how they can make Nigeria a better place in the next ten years.

“It is so encouraging for our volunteer teams to hear this,” says international coordinator Tassie Ghata. “It means real change will happen.

“These students are not looking at other generations and expecting them to bring change. They are taking responsibility themselves for making change happen. They want Nigeria to be a better place to live and work.”

As well as encountering this enthusiastic desire to bring change, the volunteer teams continue to encounter the negative outcomes of immorality in students lives.

They have been able to help many students, who live as home helps with urban relatives, go back to their families in rural areas and continue their educations there. Often these students are physically and sexually abused by their relatives.

During 2023 the Jos and Yola teams visited 21 secondary schools, sharing the gospel of social righteousness with 5,205 students and testing 1,664 for HIV/AIDS. Just one student was positive.

In total, 1,278 students rededicated their lives to God and another 281 made first commitments to him.

Prayer Requests

Please pray for:

  • Students will stay committed to bringing ethical and moral change in Nigeria as they leave school and go into work or university
  • Students will be able to share abuse and receive support in their schools and churches.
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