29 February 2024
Miango Churches Open Their Doors

More churches in Miango are opening their doors to Grace & Light following a meeting with senior pastors from 27 local churches.

The pastors whole heartedly welcomed operations manager Pofi Josiah and monitoring officer Alfred Ebrahim, who shared how our volunteer teams work with local church leaders and congregations.

“The pastors were surprised they had not heard about Grace & Light and promised to invite us to speak during their Sunday services. Our Jos volunteer team has already begun visiting these churches," said Pofi.

Grace & Light was invited to meet the pastors after one person came to a book fair in our Jos office earlier in 2023.

Prayer Requests

Please pray for:

  • Protection for church leaders and their congregations in Miango, where there is religious and ethnic tensions and frequent attacks on villages by armed gangs
  • Protection for the Jos volunteer team when members travel to Miango to speak, counsel and test for HIV/AIDS during church services.
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