19 October 2023
EYN Leaders Support Social Righteousness

EYN church leaders and pastors better understand what social righteousness means for their congregations following a Grace & Light presentation.

Operations manager Pofi Josiah spoke in depth about sexual and gender-based violence, poverty and wealth, corruption in the workplace and politics from God’s perspective.

“We were delighted that Grace & Light was invited as a guest speaker by EYN DCC Karu Nasarawa leaders,” says Pofi. “Churches in the area are now inviting our Abuja volunteer team to visit during Sunday services.”

Over 300 people were present during the annual seminar in mid-April, including many pastors and church leaders. After Pofi spoke Abuja volunteer team members counselled and tested everyone who wanted to know their HIV/ AIDS status.

“Many came forward for testing and were pleased to know their status. They also shared the spiritual challenges in their lives with our volunteers,” Pofi added.

Prayer Requests

Please pray for:

  • Abuja volunteer team leader and members as they schedule visits to the many churches in the area
  • Openness among congregations to know their status, change the ways they live so they honour God, and commit to VSAG groups (Voluntary Savings and Accountability Groups).
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