19 October 2023
Encouraging Students to Honour God

Substance abuse, gambling, bullying, sex, abusive relationships are common issues facing Nigerian secondary school students. Who can they trust to help them cope with these issues?

Teenagers face the same relationship and self-worth issues adults face; not only in Nigeria but around the world. They want and need someone to help them cope. Grace & Light volunteers are there for them when they can’t turn to family.

Every school our volunteers visit they share the same message: we are all made in God’s image, both girls and boys, we are equal in Christ. We should be treating each other with mutual respect as members of God’s family.

We go further, encouraging students to call out behaviours that do not honour God and so protect those in their school communities who are vulnerable. Our message has caused many to recommit their lives to Christ and to living according to his standards.

“We regularly come across students who are living with abusive guardians and being used as home help. The guardians may or may not be related to them. We help the students to return to their villages and families where they will be loved and cared for,” says international coordinator Tassie Ghata.

During the first nine months of 2023 the Jos and Yola volunteers visited 17 secondary schools. They shared the gospel of social righteousness with 4,130 students. Of these, 1,309 chose to be tested for HIV/ AIDS, just one student tested positive.

One thousand and thirty-seven students rededicated their lives to Christ (25%), and another 198 made a first Christian commitment (5% of the total).

Prayer Requests

Please pray for:

  • Students who have made a first commitment or rededicated their lives to Christ, that they will continue to grow in relationship with him
  • More schools and their leaders to invite Grace & Light in to share the gospel of social righteousness with students.
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