30 May 2023
Social Righteousness Focus Reduces Election Violence

Nigeria’s election in February was far more peaceful than expected, especially given many Christians believe the election was stolen. Grace & Light is taking some of the credit for this unexpected peace.

During January and February volunteer teams shared the gospel perspective on politics and voting in elections, encouraging people to vote for people who put serving their communities before their own advancement.

Congregations were encouraged not to cast their votes for politicians because they came from the same tribe, or had been offered money for their votes.

Instead they were challenged to look at their character and behaviours and elect people with high morals and policies that would be good for the whole community and the country.

“We also highlighted social righteousness, calling on congregations to live according to gospel values, to see all people are created in God’s image and to love and respect them as God does.,” said international coordinator Tassie Ghata. “We are sure this made a difference during the elections. People chose not to use violence as a way of protesting when the results were not what they wanted.”

Four volunteer teams have been active in the first quarter of 2023. Between them the Jos, Yola, Jalingo and Mangu teams visited 21 local churches.

In total these teams shared the gospel of social righteousness with 7,320 people and tested 642 for HIV. Only 2 people tested positive and are now receiving ongoing support.

Out of those who tested 615 people (96%) chose to be open about their HIV status with family and close friends.

Many stepped into deeper relationships with God. 1,097 people rededicated their lives to Christ and another 103 made first commitments.

The volunteer teams also set up 24 new Voluntary Savings and Accountability Groups (VSAG) groups in these churches.




Prayer Requests

Please pray for:

  • Our nine active volunteer teams, that members will be committed to visiting at least one church each month during 2023. As well as Jos, Yola, Jalingo and Mangu, they include Gombe, Lafia, Hong, Abuja and Zing
  • Our non-active volunteer teams will overcome barriers and begin visiting churches in 2023. They are Bauchi, Obudu, Michika, Langtang, Fufore, Zaria, Izzi, Agubia, Echaria, Ndiegu-Azu, Ankpa, Biu, Damaturu and Potiskum
  • The 24 new VSAG groups will work well, helping people come out of poverty by learning to save, as well as encouraging members to live lives that honour God
  • Christian politicans will honour God with their words and actions, acting as role models in Nigeria.
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