30 May 2023
Congregations Strengthen Relationships

Social righteousness continued to be a popular and relevant focus for workshops for church congregations during February.

Over six hundred people who attended two workshops in Lafia and Dong Kassa committed to supporting their partners through struggles, or each other as they start small businesses.

Pastors & Wives Workshop, ERCC Lafia

One hundred and thirty people attended Grace & Light’s workshop for pastors and their wives at ERCC Lafia at the beginning of February. Lafia volunteer team leader Matthew Alago and operations manager Pofi Josiah led the full day with a focus on sexual and gender-based violence.

As well as spending time explaining Grace & Light properly to participants, Matthew and Pofi focused on sexual and gender-based violence. They also looked in detail at family issues.

“During group discussions, men and women met separately so they could talk freely about the issues they face both at home and in their churches,” said international coordinator Tassie Ghata.

“They realised how much their partners struggle and that they need to work together and support each other as much as they can.”

Congregation Workshop, ECWA Dong Kassa

Almost 500 people attended this full day social righteousness workshop for ECWA congregations in Jos North led by Tassie Ghata in mid-February.

Tassie focused on poverty and wealth, while members of the Jos volunteer team counselled everyone who wanted to talk about what was happening in their lives.

“We talked about practical ways of getting out of poverty including setting up small businesses, as well as being accountable to others, supporting each other and learning how to run a business together,” Tassie said.

Many of the people who attended took our message to heart and have since joined VSAG (Voluntary Savings and Accountability Groups) in their churches.”

Many also made first commitments to Christ or rededicated their lives to him during the day.

Prayer Requests

Please pray for:

  • Lafia volunteer team members as they strengthen relationships with the ERCC Lafia pastors, including invitations to speak during Sunday services
  • Lafia pastors and their wives will be positive role models for living lives of social righteousness in their congregations
  • Dong Kassa entrepreneurs will be successful in running their small businesses and taking their families out of poverty
  • Dong Kassa people who made first commitments or rededicated their lives will grow in their relationships with God
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