18 January 2023
Lutheran trainee pastors embrace social righteousness

Trainee Lutheran pastors in Adamawa State have deeper understanding of social righteousness following a Grace & Light workshop.

International coordinator Tassie Ghata led the three day workshop in late November at the Lutheran seminary in Mbamba for 348 theological students and local pastors.

“We spent lots of time looking at what scripture says about wealth and poverty, work and corruption, sexual and gender-based violence, and politics. Then we talked through what it all means in practice in their communities and churches,” said Tassie.

“Even though they are church leaders they still struggle with what everyone in Nigeria struggles with. They are in church every Sunday but don’t know why they are Christians.

“We shared that we aren’t born a Christian, we become Christians when we give our lives to Christ and step into a personal relationship with him. This was a new idea for many.”

Partly this is because many of the students had chosen to study at the seminary because it was the only further education college available to them after secondary school.

At the end of the workshop, Tassie and her team offered HIV/AIDS counselling and testing. One hundred and fifty four people were tested and none was positive.

One hundred and seventy-two rededicated their lives to Christ and ten made a first commitment.

Prayer Requests

Please pray for:

  • Trainee pastors who rededicated their lives or made a first commitment, that they will mature in relationship with Christ and as church leaders
  • Seminary leaders will see positive changes in their students and invite Grace & Light back to share with students in 2023.
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