18 January 2023
New team formed after latest training

A new team has formed in Abuja following new volunteer training in late October.

Five people have joined the volunteer team in Masaka a town near Abuja and visited their first local church for its Sunday service in November.

“We are encouraged to see the team is active in their community so soon after completing training,” said international coordinator Tassie Ghata.

In total 28 people joined our four day training programme at our Jos headquarters between 19-23 October. During the training, they explored in depth the scriptural basis for social righteousness, which underpins all we do.

This includes our response to HIV/AIDS, medical and societal aspects of the disease, counselling, care and support, team work and relationships, how to contact churches, preaching, establishing voluntary savings and accountability groups and action committees that administer Grace & Light activities in each church.

They also learnt how to share Grace & Light’s four key social righteousness focuses – poverty and wealth, work and corruption, sexual and gender-based violence, and the politics of righteousness.

“When many of them heard about these four areas they realised they were not doing very well and committed to better serving God. They had realised they didn’t understand about how to live as Christians,” said Tassie.

Participants were able to put what they learnt into practice on the final day during vision sharing, counselling and testing in three Jos churches.

The other 23 participants have joined four existing teams – Mangu, Jos, Yola and Lafia – and have been visiting churches in their areas.

Prayer Requests

Please pray for:

  • The new volunteers will remain motivated and join their volunteer teams in visiting at least one church a month in their area
  • Churches will welcome Grace & Light volunteer teams into their Sunday services to preach, counsel and test for HIV/AIDS.
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