31 October 2022
Raising sensitive issues from the pulpit

Pastors say that inviting Grace & Light into their churches allows them to raise sensitive topics with their congregations and to strengthen their ministries.

Without Grace & Light volunteer team visits they would be stymied against raising issues that are considered outside the remit of Christian leaders, like politics, corruption and violence in the home.

Their gratitude was evident during a workshop for 57 leaders from 24 churches in Jos. They included both pastors and action committee members, as our Jos volunteer team visits each of these churches and has set up Voluntary Savings and Accountability Groups in them. The action committees oversee these groups.

“We began by reminding the leaders about Grace & Light’s four areas of focus – politics, poverty and wealth, corruption, and sexual and gender-based violence, as well as HIV/AIDS counselling and testing,” said international coordinator Tassie Ghata.

“We want them to continue to be passionate about social righteousness and to care about their members who are HIV positive.”

Tassie shared insights Grace & Light has learnt from counselling and testing in their churches including the problems congregation members face.

“That surprised them. They said we were sharing truths they didn’t realise and are now aware of. They want to hear from us more often as inviting us into their churches has meant they are able to do and say more; we have made a difference in their ministries over the years.

“They are now confident to talk about politics from their pulpits without feeling they have to support a particular party or politician. We’ve empowered them to talk with their congregations about the scriptural basis for voting.”

Prayer Requests

Please pray for:

  • Pastors as they encourage their congregations to face sensitive family and cultural issues
  • Wisdom and integrity for Action Committee members supporting Voluntary Savings and Accountability Group leaders
  • Voluntary Savings and Accountability Group leaders remain committed to supporting and encouraging their group members to live lives that honour God.
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