31 October 2022
Love overcomes resentment and anger

Church members continue to recommit themselves to Christ in every church Grace & Light visits to share the gospel during Sunday services.

Many say that until our volunteer teams visit, they don’t know why they have been coming to church. They go out of habit, to please family members or show they are good Christians in their communities.

“One of our unreached groups are people who are in church but don’t know God. When they hear our message they rededicate their lives,” said international coordinator Tassie Ghata. “People also ask us to come home with them and speak with their spouses. Two people stand out for Tassie in recent months.

A woman asked volunteers to speak with her husband. He had left the family home and was living with another woman, partly because his wife was quarrelsome and nagged him.

After hearing Grace & Light’s message her attitude changed. When she sees him in the street she is now friendly and greets him. His attitude has also changed. He now visits to see his children and is providing financially so they can afford to eat better.

Another wife was not speaking with her husband and he was angry. After hearing in our message that love is a characteristic of God, she asked the volunteers to come home and speak with them. During the visit the couple repented of their behaviours, cried together and promised to let go of the resentments they were each holding onto.

At another church a husband took our volunteers back home to speak with his wife and they are now also reconciled.

“All these relationships were resolved because a wife or husband heard our message of love and grace,” said Tassie.

Five volunteer teams have been active between July and September. Between them the Jos, Yola, Gombe, Lafia and Mangu teams visited 22 local churches. We are delighted the Lafia and Mangu teams continue to be active in their areas.

In total these teams shared the gospel of social righteousness with 5,651 people and tested 716 for HIV/ AIDS. Of these, three people tested positive and are receiving ongoing support and care.

Out of those who tested 664 people (93%) chose to be open with their HIV status, 690 people rededicated their lives to Christ and another 103 made first commitments. Just 52 people chose to keep their results confidential.

Prayer Requests

Please pray for:

  • People who make a first commitment or rededicate themselves to Christ, that they will remain faithful, seeking his face and doing his will
  • More and more church leaders to invite our volunteer teams into their Sunday services to share the gospel of social righteousness, counsel, test for HIV/ AIDS and set up voluntary savings and accountability groups
  • Volunteer teams to visit at least one local congregation each Sunday
  • Deep love within marriages and for couples who are reconciling and forgiving each other.
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