22 July 2022
Politics of Righteousness

Volunteer teams now share the politics of righteousness during visits to Sunday services, encouraging Christians to make their votes count.

This is a new strand that has been added to Grace & Light’s mission, giving us four key focuses under social righteousness:

  1. Politics of righteousness
  2. Gender and sexual based violence
  3. Wealth and poverty
  4. Work and corruption.

Volunteers and staff members now cover all four areas when they are sharing in church pulpits, schools, work places, radio shows and political events.

“We are calling on would-be politicians, both Christians and Muslims, to do what is right and serve the people rather than themselves, to make life in Nigeria better for people,” explained international coordinator Tassie Ghata.

“And we are calling on ordinary people not to sell their votes and instead vote for politicians who have a track record of hard work and service.

“Selling votes happens lots in Nigeria. People can be given as little as N1,000 (about £2) for their vote.

“Many people we speak to say they have had enough of politics and are not going to vote in the elections next year. After hearing us speak they realise their vote does matter. They say they will vote and won’t sell their votes.”

Prayer Requests

Please pray for:

  • Grace & Light volunteer teams as they speak in churches, encouraging congregations to vote wisely for the future of Nigeria
  • Would-be politicians as they campaign to be elected, that they would honour God and people in their communities
  • Voters will use their votes wisely to bring change to politics in Nigeria.
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