22 July 2022
Christians becoming active in politics

Over the past few months people in local churches have been hearing the call to vote wisely for politicians who will lead Nigeria in the best interests of ordinary people.

Volunteers and staff members are delighted that church congregations are taking to heart Grace & Light’s message of righteousness in politics.

“We are calling on Christians, whether they are voters or aspiring politicians, to bring God’s values into politics. For politicians this means being servant leaders who put their communities above their own interests," said international coordinator Tassie Ghata.

“For voters this means using their vote wisely in support of people who will serve our country justly.

“Many people tell us, each time we visit a church, that they have given up on politics and were not going to vote, or were going to sell their vote because they believed it didn’t matter.

“Now they recognise their vote matters and they are committing to voting wisely for the good of Nigeria and Nigerians.”

The volunteer teams are also hearing many cases of rapes and violence in homes between wives and husbands. When they talk about sexual and gender violence they highlight that men don’t need to be aggressive and carry heavy emotional loads.

“Husbands say they are pleased to hear this message, they are willing to face what is happening in their  families, are sorry and open to changing,”said Tassie.

“Instead they commit to sharing responsibilities with their wives and working as a team with their families.”

Six volunteer teams have been active between May and June. Between them the Jos, Yola, Lafia, Jalingo, Hong and Zing teams visited 21 local churches. We are delighted the Lafia, Hong and Zing teams are active again after quite some time.

In total these teams shared the gospel of social righteousness with 6,187 people and tested 750 for HIV/ AIDS. Five people tested positive and are receiving ongoing support and care.

Of those who tested 722 people (96%) chose to join voluntary saving and sharing accountancy groups (VSAGs) in their churches, 730 people rededicated their lives to Christ and another 65 made first commitments. Just 28 people chose to keep their results confidential.

Prayer Requests

Please pray for:

  • The people who tested positive, that they will stay AIDS free, take their medications and enjoy healthy lives
  • People who made a first commitment or rededicated their lives, that they will mature in Christ and become salt and light in their communities
  • Active volunteer teams – Jos, Yola, Gombe, Lafia, Jalingo, Hong and Zing – will visit at least one church each month to share the gospel of social righteousness, test people, and set up voluntary savings and accountability groups
  • Volunteer teams struggling to visit churches regularly – Bauchi, Obudu, Mangu, Michika, Langtang, Fufore, Abuja, Zaria, Izzi, Agubia, Echara, Ndiegu-Azu, Ankpa, Biu, Damaturu and Potiskum. Many are in areas of unrest.
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