23 May 2022
Christian politicians challenged to put God before ambition

International coordinator Tassie Ghata was given the opportunity to explain God’s expectations of political leaders before 500 people during a rally in preparation for Nigerian elections next year.

During her 60 minute speech Tassie introduced the concept of the politics of righteousness, saying “this is getting involved in government, leadership or influencing societal decisions in a way and manner that brings glory to God and impacts the people positively.

“With this definition, it is possible to have politics of righteousness in Nigeria at every level, because there are people who love God and are ready to obey Him no matter what.”

She highlighted the issue she believes causes Christians and churches to distance themselves from politics: Christian politicians who become drunk with power and shipwreck their faith.

“They fail to live according to God’s commands and also don’t take a stand for the truth, perhaps because they are afraid of losing their position or want to please the crowd.”

Tassie encouraged both the aspiring and current politicians in the audience to:

  • Eagerly and earnestly seek for God’s righteousness and surrender themselves to Jesus Christ
  • Serve the people rather than lording over them
  • Seek wisdom from God for their work and decisions.

“We are in a very tough time today. One of the biggest issue for politicians is our endemic corruption. Everywhere people are talking about corruption and how bad and deep it is. Many think it can’t be changed, that it is a way of life in Nigeria.

“We need politicians who will remain courageous in the midst of difficult times and challenges, understanding that God calls them to this position as their mission field, demonstrating his righteousness within politics.”

The rally, in COCIN headquarters in Jos, included the 45 Christian politicians standing for election in 2023 as well as current House of Representative and Senate politicians for Plateau State.

Prayer Requests

Please pray for:

  • Aspiring and current politicians in Nigeria as they prepare to contest seats in the 2023 elections
  • Churches as they support candidates who are members of their congregations.
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