24 January 2022
Instilling Christian Values in Young People’s Lives

Behaviours their parents were brought up to avoid are now considered normal by young people exposed to global social media. Nigerian students are no exception.

Both Christian and Muslim students share relaxed views about drinking, getting drunk, gambling and visiting bars and casinos during Grace & Light visits to their schools.

“Students are open to talking with us about the vices in their lives because we listen to them,” said international coordinator Tassie Ghata. “Often they say we are the only people who do listen and are interested in them.”

Not all Nigerian students Tassie and the team speak with realise gambling is wrong. Some had believed it was a legitimate way of doing business and making money to help their parents. This is a global issue, not just in Nigeria.

“They are open to changing their behaviours. We help them understand how to live righteous lives and how to make a difference in Nigerian society. Many make first commitments or recommit their lives to God.”

Tassie and the volunteers also meet many students who remember Grace & Light from pre-Covid visits and who had committed their lives to Christ then.

“They had not forgotten our social righteousness message; we were encouraged that they were continuing to do the right things.”

Between August and December 2021 the Jos and Yola volunteer teams visited eight secondary schools, sharing the gospel of social righteousness with 1,875 students. Of these, 389 chose to be tested for HIV/ AIDS and one person tested positive.

Three hundred and ninety-four students rededicated their lives to Christ, and another 137 made a first Christian commitment.

Prayer Requests

Please pray for:

  • Students who made first commitments will find support to grow in relationship with Christ
  • Students who rededicated their lives to Christ will also have the support they need to remain in Christ
  • Students who want to change their lives will remain committed to behaving in ways that honour God
  • More schools to open their doors to G&L volunteer teams.
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