23 August 2021
Building Update

Why Not Sponsor a Bedroom

Your name honoured as a sponsor to God’s glory and the furtherance of the gospel in Jos.

Would you like to sponsor a bedroom in our training centre and have the room named after yourself or a loved one? You will fund the £4,400 per room cost for building materials, beds, mattresses, pillows, linen, towels and curtains.

You are welcome to sponsor as an individual, family, church congregation, or business.

To sponsor a bedroom please email tassie.ghata@graceandlight.org if you are in Nigeria and edg@blueyonder.co.uk if you are in the UK or Europe.

“We are so grateful to the people in Nigeria, America, France, Great Britain and Ireland who have been fundraising for this building,” said Tassie Ghata. “This is our most ambitious building in our compound in Jos.”

The training centre now has a ground and first floor with first fix plumbing, though it is still a roofless shell.

In the photos you can see the current cement brick construction and an artist’s impression of what the completed building will look like. It may not look much but for our Grace & Light team it is major progress.

When finished the training centre will sleep 54 people in twin bedrooms, each with an en-suite bathroom. It will also have a large lounge, dining room and meeting hall.

All construction work is carried out by local skilled workers and labourers, with each stage being built as we have funds – first the foundations, then ground floor, then first floor. Next the roof which we have partial funding for.

Work will then go on hold while we source funding for the windows, electrics, plastering, bathrooms and kitchen, then furnishing the bedrooms, dining room, lounge and meeting hall.

Benefits for the Local Community

Currently, we hire local venues for training and conferences, but there are few facilities available near our Jos headquarters and they are over-subscribed.

For instance, we had to rearrange our 2018 leadership conference at short notice because the venue was double-booked and our international keynote speaker was not available on the new date.

Our own conference facilities will also mean we no longer have external venue hire costs for our own events. These reduced costs will free up budget to run more training courses and workshops, plus we can earn extra revenue by hiring out this affordable venue to local churches and Christian organisations.

Prayer Requests

Please pray for:

  • Success for our charity partners fundraising for the major costs of our training centre
  • Safety for workers constructing the roof and installing the many windows
  • God’s blessing and favour on this building as we use it for his glory in Jos.
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