23 August 2021
Annual Leaders Conference

Leaders debate practical solutions to corruption, poverty and gender issues

Political, medical, academic, business and religious leaders are joining Grace & Light to discuss practical ways of countering corruption, poverty and gender issues facing their communities.

We are expecting 80 leaders from across society in Plateau State to join us for our fourth annual leaders conference in Jos this September.

This is an opportunity for them to share their own experiences, to learn from each other, to discuss social issues and debate practical solutions they can support each other in implementing.

Participants will also be reviewing academic research recently conducted among church congregations in Jos. It found:

  • 47% admitted falsifying their age in job applications
  • 47% confessed to cheating in exams
  • 24% used false measures in business
  • 24% abused their office and its privileges
  • 22% admitted electoral or political fraud
  • 17% stole workplace money or property
  • 14% confessed to mistreating subordinates
  • 28% confessed to one of these offenses
  • 55% said they had committed multiple transgressions
  • 28% felt the church was trying to address the problem
  • 49% felt the church was part of the problem and caught up in corruption.

“These days a leader’s value is set by what car they drive and the clothes they wear, not by their achievements. Many Christian leaders falsify their credentials to make themselves eligible for jobs or to continue in them,” said Tassie Ghata, international coordinator.

“We believe God is calling on leaders who still put him first to band together and plan how to stand for righteousness in all situations. This conference aims to inspire and equip leaders to do just this.”

If you are in senior leadership in Nigeria you are welcome to join the conference from 14-16 September. Contact tassie.ghata@graceandlight.org

We are praying current violence around Jos will die down so people are able to travel safely to Miango where the conference is being help. People are wary about travelling because they are afraid of being kidnapped.

Prayer Requests

Please pray for:

  • Safe travel for delegates to and from Miango and a reduction in violence in the area
  • Wisdom for Tassie as she leads sessions each day and interacts with delegates
  • God’s spirit speaking to delegates, challenging and encouraging them to model gospel values.
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