11 June 2021
Smaller AGM due to unrest and Covid

Grace & Light members have recommitted to supporting our work in Nigeria

Covid has had a significant impact on our work in Nigeria over the last 18 months including on our annual general meeting at the end of May.

Fifty people had registered for the meeting in Jos, but Covid restrictions along with local insurgency meant just 24 people could be accommodated in a much scaled down review of the past 12 months.

“Many of our members were not able to travel, not only because of Covid but also due to escalating violence including in the area around our headquarters,” said international coordinator Tassie Ghata.

“There was a time in mid-May when we worked from home because of attacks on the local community around our offices. Things had quietened down by our AGM but can easily flare up again.

“Smaller numbers of people meant we could have conversations with each person and strengthen friendships, as well as fruitful discussions about how to grow our organisation.”

Members made lots of suggestions for inviting people to become Grace & Light members, encouraging members to commit to monthly financial support and volunteering their time.

“They were impressed by the fundraising walk taking place in the UK on the same day, by the attitude of giving back to society the walkers had,” said Tassie. “They also committed to organising fundraising activities in their communities.”

Prayer Requests

Please pray for:

  • Ending of clashes between Fulani herders and home owners living around our Jos headquarters
  • Grace & Light members fundraising activities will both publicise our work and raise funds for our activities in Nigeria
  • New members in Nigeria who commit to actively supporting our work.
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