11 June 2021
COCIN congregations confront sex and gender-based violence issues

COCIN churches in Plateau State are opening their doors to Grace & Light’s sexual and gender-based violence workshop that challenges congregations to live God-centred lives.

Ninety-six people attended the first of these workshops in Zagun, a town in Bassa local government area, between 19-21 March.

The first day participants explored issues of sexual and gender-based violence in their communities, the second day they looked at work and corruption issues and the third day was focused on how to put their new understanding and commitments into practice.

This is the first of many sexual and gender-based violence workshops planned for COCIN churches following our seminar for COCIN leaders in Plateau State churches that we held back in February.

“People were open to changing their lifestyles. We were pleased to hear them saying they were willing to take responsibility for how they behave at work, to stop being lazy and work hard,” said international coordinator Tassie Ghata.

One example is a father who said he was sorry for all that was happening in his family with his seven children. He recognised that he was not taking good care of them, not holding them to account for their behaviours and where they were going. He vowed to be more responsible for them.

We are currently fundraising so we can deliver all of the workshop requests we receive and also set up gender champions in the churches. Please support this work if you are able.

You can give a donation at https://www.graceandlight.org/feedback.asp Please mark your gift ‘COCIN SGBV workshops’

Prayer Requests

Please pray for:

  • People who attended the Zagun workshop to remain committed to the promises they made themselves and God during the workshop
  • Funding to run all workshops COCIN churches have requested, and to support gender champions in each of the churches
  • Safety for the Jos volunteer team as they travel to churches to deliver this workshop.
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