30 March 2021
COCIN Vwang churches tackle sexual and gender-based violence

Churches in the COCIN Vwang regional church council area are inviting the Jos volunteer team to deliver our sexual and gender-based violence workshop for their congregations.

This follows a half day seminar for church leaders on 13 February at which international coordinator Tassie Ghata introduced Grace & Light and gave a taster of our full day sexual and gender-based violence workshop.

One hundred and seventy people attended, representing all the congregations in Cocin Vwang.

As a result Grace & Light is being invited to deliver the workshop in numerous churches. We are now fundraising so we are able to both deliver the workshop and establish the gender champions programme in these churches.

Vwang is south of Jos in Plateau State, and not an area where Grace & Light has been active until now.

Prayer Requests

Please pray for:

  • Jos volunteers as they deliver the training in churches
  • Jos headquarters team as they manage the gender champions programme in multiple churches
  • Church leaders as they encourage their congregations to attend the training and volunteer to become gender champions
  • Gender champions as they mentor victims of sexual and gender-based violence, as well as the perpetrators.
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