16 December 2020
Pastors commit to role modelling gender equality

Leaders from 64 different churches have committed to tackling sexual and gender-based violence in their congregations and communities during 2021.

They will be talking about sexual and gender issues from their pulpits, explaining that women and men are equal before God, and role modelling gender equality language and behaviours.

The pastors of each of these churches, along with their wives, attended Grace & Light sexual and gender-based violence workshops. The first, in November, was for ECWA church leaders in Miango district. The second, in December, was for churches in Kuru.

During each workshop participants explored the biblical perspective on sexual and gender-based violence, root causes, particular issues in their congregations and how to resolve these.

“Until now the church leaders had kept quiet about this type of violence, believing that rape, incest and wife beating were for the family to resolve privately and that the church should not intervene,” explained international coordinator Tassie Ghata.

“Now they will no longer keep quiet. Instead they will be speaking out and intervening. They recognise that the cultural norm of men being superior to women is not of God.”

Kuru is a group of small semi-developed villages and hamlets 20km from Jos. Here Tassie and the team also spoke about HIV, poverty, work and corruption with the church pastors and their wives.

“As leaders we sometimes keep quiet when rich people in congregations do wrong. The pastors recognise this is ungodly and from now on will be reminding those who are wealthy to use their money to serve God and help the poor in their communities,” said Tassie.

The Kuru and ECWA pastors have committed to inviting the Jos volunteer team to minister to their congregations during Sunday services in 2021.



Prayer requests

Please pray for these pastors that they will remain faithful to God and the promises they made during the workshops; the Jos volunteer team as they arrange Sunday service visits to the churches.

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