16 December 2020
Outreach into Vwang District

Cocin churches in Vom have agreed to invite the Jos volunteer team to minister during Sunday services following a meeting with the Vwang District Regional Church Council.

The volunteers will begin visiting the more than 40 Cocin churches in the district from January. They will share the gospel of social righteousness, calling on congregations to lead righteous lives that honour God, as well as counselling then testing everyone who wants to know their HIV/ AIDS status.

International coordinator Tassie Ghata and programme officers Pofi Josiah and Alfred Mshelizah travelled to the town of Vom to meet Cocin’s Vwang executive team in mid-November. Vom is a 50 minute drive from Jos.

Tassie, Pofi and Alfred explained Grace & Light’s purpose, our focus on social righteousness and how we work with local congregations.

“It was lovely to meet again the chairman Rev Davou Rapp,” said Tassie. “Fourteen years ago he was a Grace & Light volunteer in Jos while he was studying at TCNN. He already knew about our HIV work, now he and his team know about our social righteousness focus also.”

Prayer requests

Please pray for safety for Jos volunteers as they travel to and from Vwang; church leaders to invite the volunteer team to their Sunday services, congregations to be open to hearing the message of social righteousness, people to join a local Grace & Light volunteer team.

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